Kit cars will probably end up in your future Garage! Kit car is a type of specialist car that you can build up in your own spare time and afford to store it securely. When I say ‘collectors auto insurance’ then you will have a Policy and a Price!

Kit car insurance can be a little confusing with all the terminology and sub- organisation. There are often two quotationulations on a Kit car Quote and a Customer Service and claims Assistance used to be provided by the insurer and not the owner.

I have produced a free consultation service to help you in finding the best and cheapest Kit Car insurance available on the Internet.

All questions are answered online in less than 60 seconds.

If you buy a car for £10,000 from a dealership, you would have to take out a product excess of £1,000 first before the insurance company pays the rest of the cost. This means that the Kit car owner would need to make a claim to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) first before the insurance company pays anything.

The majority of Insurance companies will not insure a vehicle that is built to a level that could lead to it being destroyed. In fact most insurance companies will not even consider insuring a car that is built to the lowest possible standard.

Obtaining a Motor Insurance Quote for a kit car is a far more complicated matter than obtaining a regular car insurance quote.

When you are looking for a Motor Insurance Quote for a kit car, you first have to decide on the type of insurance that you require.

There are three different levels of insurance cover available:

  1. Third Party Insurance

This is the most basic level of insurance cover. It will only cover the costs of other people if you should cause an accident. It will not cover the damage that might arise to your vehicle if you cause an accident yourself and also it will not cover any damage that might happen to your vehicle in the event of vandalism or if it gets stolen.

  1. Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance

This level of insurance will cover the above, plus it will protect your vehicle against damage resulting from fire or theft and will also protect your vehicle against damage in the event of a car accident.

  1. Comprehensive Insurance

This insurance will do what it says on the tin, it will cover everything else. It will cover the above, plus it will protect your vehicle against damage from fire or theft and damage from collisions.

This insurance will be more expensive than the other two, but it will be worth it in the long run.

When you are doing your shopping bear in mind that you really need to shop around and get several quotes before you make your decision, and the best place to get your quotes is online.

Remember that if you want a cheap affordable motor insurance quote, you can’t go wrong if you are looking for the top of the range cover, but if you want the top of the range cover for the lowest price then you are going to have to look a little harder.

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