Its been quite a while since used cars had a good reputation. Obviously you wouldn’t doubt for a second that your lead foot would leave you prone to accidents. Well as you know even a single car which has been driven amuck will affect the rate of your insurance premium crazily enough.

For example, a tow truck driver works for a company and specializes in fetching cars stranded on the highway. There is no such thing as over-speeding when it comes to these tow truck drivers. Just imagine how much worse it’ll be if he find out you’ve been traveling without insurance all along. Just imagine the company looking at your data in the morning after you’ve signed in for a tow truck service to recover your car.

Absolutely, odds are you won’t even sleep for a week after you get in a minor accident.

Just imagine the impact on your daily schedule. You probably have appointments to meet, tasks to do and things you have to do and all because you had to spend all that time fixing the car. You probably won’t be able to use public transportation because you’ll be too afraid of your car being found.

You’ll have to spend your days grueling your way through the snow or rain trying to find a way to get your car to a service station that will allow you to have your car towed. You can only assume that whatever is worse than spending a whole week without insurance is spending a whole week without a car.

On the other hand, a well insured used car may just be one stop away from being whole and complete. An insurance website that lists every makes and model of a car identifying its main insurance group and engine size could easily list more than 200 different makes of cars rather than just a handful. A car insurance group could also identify the model of the car if it has a V8 engine whereas an American made V6 is normally considered a sporty car so maybe you won’t need as big of coverage.

I am not trying to make the case for or against the idea of buying car insurance groups. However, I do think it is an interesting twist and really gets to know what you need to consider when buying auto insurance regardless of what group it’s in.

I found out my insurance was only 9.5% of what the dealer quoted me. This meant I actually saved about $120 dollars a month on my insurance. A watching the prices of this “discount” was very interesting. I immediately put that money back into my savings account to repair my wife’s car. My estimate is that this type of coverage may only cost me an extra $30 a month. That makes a huge difference in today’s family budget!

I look forward to the next time my son asks me “What’s the worst that could happen?” I’ll tell him without hesitation that “the worst” is paying more for your insurance than you have to. Think about this article and think about how you could start saving your money by reducing your insurance premiums. You have access to free insurance quotes online. This makes it so easy to test the waters.

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